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Alice Mitchell is the pen-name of Alison Mitchell born in 1951 in West Yorkshire. . Her married name is Harrop but she is now widowed and has moved back to Yorkshire, having retired from her professional occupation as a medical doctor. . . Her first novel (Instead of Eden)won a Betty Trask Prize and was published in 1985. by W.H. Allen. She is currently working on a mediaeval historical novel. which is about to be published shortly. She is a Guardian reader, animal lover and Pro- European .

Llandudno Out of Season

Climbing the Orme:

Pastel hotels curve

Like wedding cake slices

Along the promenade.

The wind is wild,

Flinging waves onto pebble

And battering hunched figures.

I see white turbines:

Spindle sharp, far out,

Whilst feathery palms

Stream townward fronds

To ugly brown statues.

Alice sends a Victorian postcard

From Fish n’ Chip cafes.

But there are:

No trams

No cable car

No parking;

Out of season.

Some have seen Northern Lights

But for now it’s clouded,

Only star – studded

With pantomime thrills

In the entertainment powerhouse.


March 2016